From part numbers to product descriptions, your business deals in information. Chances are you also deal with that same information changing from time to time.

Many of our manufacturing clients put a lot of this ever-evolving information on sell sheets that move from product managers to salespeople to customers. Sometimes it’s by paper, but more and more it’s electronically, whether via a PDF or web page. Multiple departments and internal layers work together to keep the information as current as possible, but antiquated processes make this process harder than it needs to be.

If we have a client that’s struggling with keeping everything – and everyone – up to date with the most current specs and content, we encourage them to look at digitizing the process through an app. Customized to their organization, these apps serve as a central data hub for all essential information. Your internal teams can have the appropriate amount of access to edit and review what’s there at any one time. So when a product manager or salesperson needs to pass product information on to a customer, it’s readily available. We can splash the content onto a catalog page, push it out as a PDF, or automatically upload it to the web.

It’s another step to help ensure that one of your most prized assets – information – is right and ready to go.

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