Creators of digital hype since Flash was a thing

Are we dating ourselves? Maybe. If you’ve never heard of Flash – check out our careers page. The point is, much like you, we’ve adapted as technology has changed. Founded by CEO Justin Schnor, a designer by trade and self-taught programmer who was intrigued by how coding made design more efficient and vice-versa. We do for companies what Schnor did for himself almost two decades ago – use design and technology to make make a living. How does this translate into your business? We help you with anything digital to boost your company’s promotions, operations, and profit.


Tech Startups
Youth Sports
A Milwaukee-based digital marketing agency
A Milwaukee-based digital marketing agency
A Milwaukee-based digital marketing agency
Born in Wisconsin

With our bases in Milwaukee and San Diego

We are a virtual agency with roots in Brew City and main principals in San Diego, California. Although we prefer to meet face-to-face, we have several clients we have worked with for years without meeting in person.

Plugged In

Our digital workspace grows our reach and allows us to interact and work with clients around the globe.

Activate Our Network

Our Flip Fam also taps into a wide network of connections in the industry expanding to fit needs both large and small.

Industries We Serve

Digital marketing solutions for a wide range of industries and companies, both nationwide and local

  • Startups
  • Manufacturing

  • Entertainment

  • Food and Beverage

  • E-commerce
  • Non Profit

Digital Mavens

We fix problems with custom marketing products.

B2B Rewards Programs
Job Recruiting Campaigns
Club Sports Membership Management
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