Established 2005

With over four decades of experience

in design, advertising and technology, the Flip Fam is driven to complete focused insanity to deliver web apps and digital content that goes above and beyond the call of typical agencies.

Founded by CEO Justin Schnor, he saw the importance to intertwine web and video content to push clients to the next level. Flipeleven is still hurdling over boundaries today seeking to deliver engaging, lasting content.



Quick Maths


Awards received for designs, videos, websites, campaigns, and more


Most Tacos Eaten In 1 Day* (by CEO Justin Schnor)


Cups of coffee consumed in a year

* Not a recommended consumption amount

Born in Wisconsin

With our base in Milwaukee

Our small, agile team is a group of experienced creative unicorns with cross functional disciplines allowing us to provide a full spectrum of services.

Plugged In

Our digital workspace allows us to interact and work with clients around the globe.

Activate Our Network

Our Flip Fam also taps into a wide network of connections in the industry expanding to fit needs both large and small.

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Industries We Serve

Serving a wide range both nationwide and local

  • Manufacturing

  • Entertainment

  • Food and Beverage

  • Non Profit

  • Financial

  • Biotech, Health & Wellness
Digital Mavens

Fixing problems by custom coding products.

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