By now it’s hard for many of us to think about what it was like to go to the office and attend the usual in-person meetings. Although this new lifestyle began in 2020, it’s not going away as soon as you may think. This period of digital transformation has reshaped the way businesses run and will continue to run.

The rate of transformation has been crazy, hasn’t it?

This change in lifestyle for both marketers and consumers has created the demand for rapid digitization. For logistical reasons, moving to digital is typically a long-term goal, but adapting for COVID-19 forced many to make it a (very) short-term goal. At first panic-induced, going virtual has now turned into a strategic marketing strategy.

Time for rapid digitization

Speed and adaptability under harsh conditions with less time for mistakes and experimentations can make the transition tough, but not impossible. Luckily, our small agile team was able to transition easily. Meeting these challenges were already a part of what we do. It also helped being a remote team of geeks used to coming together virtually to deliver our client’s needs.

So for Flip, this transition meant creating a new website with more resources. Take a look around. With in-person networking being on a partial hiatus, this was the perfect time for a rebrand and just in time for the new year. We also wanted to improve how we deliver digital experiences for you in this new era.

We also wanted to find a better way of showing how we create impact with these experiences through our process. To make the most value for our clients, we opt for better, faster results by delivering value in waves, allowing us to deliver a rapid prototype, deliver, test, and pivot. If you take a glance at our case studies, you’ll see this through examples such as our work with Radio MilwaukeeThe Weather Channel and more.

Needing some assistance in this time of rapid digitalization? Give us a call or shoot us a message. We can help.

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