Three commercials and web banner ads for The Weather Channel App.

Checking the weather may be an automatic part of your daily routine but when you have that big outdoor event, camping trip, mudslide sponge race… wait, what? (we’ll get to that later) you need up-to-the-minute accurate forecasting. The Weather Channel apps are the world’s most downloaded and from the most trusted name in weather. So when they came to us to promote their suite of interactive forecasting apps – we went big. 

So what does going big look like on a cell phone in Snapchat and Facebook? Taking the drama of everyday life with a twist, Flipeleven created a series of comedic videos and animated web banners. First, we started with cinematic and slightly absurd national TV spots with so much success, a third commercial was created and advertised during the US Open of Golf. Then, each video was cut into eye-catching socially shareable snippets with titles to follow the action while on mute.

To add to the drama, we paired banners with each video to takeover the sports section of Weather seekers everywhere were able to easily share the ads organically.

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Project Forecast

The Weather Channel, America’s most-trusted source in weather, trusted Flipeleven to create national TV spots that resonate with weather seekers everywhere. They let us do our own thing with one direction – to leverage the reviews of The Weather Channel app in a commercial. We took it as a challenge to break the mold, resulting in some of the most fun and engaging inspiration we’ve ever had from reading reviews of an app.

We imagined some of the unique usernames in action and personified what they may have been using the app for. Because of that, we thought up a series of outrageous stories attached to some of the more unique usernames. We had fun playfully capturing a day in the life of a TWC app user. One thing all of the characters had in common? A passion to seek their weather.

Broadcast Videos

The overly-dramatic-on-purpose, slightly outrageous videos were made for the full television experience.

Social Videos

The full-length broadcast videos were edited into very shareable action-packed snippets for Facebook and Snapchat – reaching viewers on mobile, for an instant app download experience.

Animated Web Banners

The campaign exploded onto the screen with animated web banners combined with the assets for a full takeover experience.