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COVID-19 Forced Many Businesses to Transition, Including Us

By now it’s hard for many of us to think about what it was like to go to the office and attend the usual in-person meetings. Although this new lifestyle began in 2020, it’s not going away as soon as you may think. This period of digital transformation has reshaped the way businesses run and will continue to run.

The rate of transformation has been crazy, hasn’t it?

This change in lifestyle …

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Practical uses of video games in a COVID-19 virtual economy

You might not think a concrete-themed trade show would be a blast but enter Wacker Neuson’s booth at World of Concrete (yes, this is a real event.) Every year, one of the big attractions is the “Trowel Challenge.” When I first heard about this competition, I pictured some construction guys with handheld trowels in a bricklaying competition. When I saw it with my own eyes, it was much more like …

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Keep Everyone On The Same (Virtual) Page

From part numbers to product descriptions, your business deals in information. Chances are you also deal with that same information changing from time to time.

Many of our manufacturing clients put a lot of this ever-evolving information on sell sheets that move from product managers to salespeople to customers. Sometimes it’s by paper, but more and more it’s electronically, whether via a PDF or web page. Multiple departments and …

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Built-in buy-in: a simpler approach to creating a digital marketing platform

You plan. Then you build. Then you move in. Makes perfect sense if you’re building a house. But is this traditional, time-consuming process really appropriate if what you’re moving into is a digital platform?

You could probably guess that my answer is going to be “no,” but in reality it’s not far off from how some organizations still think about creating any digital presence. Sales & marketing …

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