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Our process is rooted in flexibility and rapid digitization.

What is rapid digitization? Traditional methods take a ‘big-bang’ approach. We opt for better, faster results by delivering value in waves which allows us to rapid prototype, deliver, test, and pivot. We aim to increase customer value every step of the way and rapid digitization enables us to do so.

Continuous Testing

With beta testing, piloting prototyping, A/B testing – this continuous release of technology allows for quick reaction and response.

Greater Accuracy

By taking a more holistic approach rather than only IT directed, this allows a customer-first path driven by business decisions rather than patches and work arounds of old systems.

A Visual Breakdown

So what’s all this mean?

  • An iterative test-and-learn approach, shown below, allows companies to move quicker and with greater accuracy.
  • With a traditional, standard approach, it can take months before customers see an improved process. Only then, after having committed all that time, does the business find out if its answer is the right one.

  • By taking more calculated risks and pivoting if the solution isn’t working, delivering progress in waves becomes the fastest path to resolution and problem-solving.

The steps to success

Every project is different, but our process towards launch takes a similar approach. Our formula is flexible, but leaves room for taking bigger risks to track results and reap larger rewards.


We take a deep dive into defining the project and identifying the key requirements. After evaluation,  clear recommendations, timelines and estimates are delivered.


Our team defines the hypothesis which prescribes a solution to meet the needs of the project to begin applying an agile workflow.


Design & Develop

Build it! We hit the ground running and bring the hypothesis to life – whether we are tackling an app, site, or video project.

Debug & Deploy

We refine, polish, and make all finishing touches before pushing live.


Promote, measure, and test results based on the hypothesis. This is where rapid digitization comes into play.

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