Modine HVAC

Seeking to magnify brand awareness and increase sales digitally for an otherwise traditionally marketed product, Modine announced F11P as their digital marketing partner in 2017.


To prove the value of digital marketing to Modine’s internal team and build a system to manage it all.

Beginning with the creation of a digital marketing platform and promotional cycle from which we could continuously improve.

This consisted of awareness building through content marketing, implementation of a customer relationship management platform (CRM), and continuous improvement through analytics and campaign maintenance.

These essentials refreshed a traditional style of sales and marketing that depended heavily on spreadsheets, trade shows, and direct mailers.

  • Launch pilot campaign

  • Prove value with small measured tactics

  • Introduce DPM and CRM features

  • Integrate DPM and CRM

  • Train internal teams

  • Schedule larger scale campaign calendar

  • Measure, report, and improve


With the proper foundation under our feet, many digital tactics are used to carry out various campaigns throughout the year.

  • Digital Trade Show Signage

  • Virtual Trade Show Videos

  • Copywriting

  • Social Media Marketing & Monitoring

  • Facebook

  • Twitter

  • LinkedIn


Leveraging digital tech to create a harmony of applications working together for a solid foundation of marketing.

Active Campaign


WP Engine

Google Ads

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 LinkedIn Ads




All Social Media Platforms


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All Social Media Platforms


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better open rate than industry standard

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