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Modine HVAC

A digital marketing platform built from the ground up.

To produce a multi-tier digital marketing strategy, we started by studying Modine HVAC's target audience and where they spend time online. We then combined several tactics to increase awareness of the Modine HVAC brand with top-of-funnel content. These tactics were all used to feed a shiny new CRM that was set up with marketing automation to help keep the system running smoothly.


A blog was created to serve as the base of our inbound marketing efforts. The blog was populated with a mix of subject matter that was informative, entertaining, or both.

Social Media

Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn profiles were created and maintained to distinguish the HVAC division from the manufacturing umbrella.

Email Newsletters

A monthly newsletter template was designed and developed within the Active Campaign CRM to promote new content to subscribers.

Content Marketing

To populate the blog, we sourced as much existing content through technical documents, whitepapers, and brochures to develop a content creation plan. We planned to generate content with a mix of subject matter that was informative, entertaining, or both. The outcome was an online destination for engineers and contractors to entertain themselves or find technical documents to help them do their job.

Social Media

Social media-wise, Modine HVAC's social engagement was only through the corporate parent company's profiles. Their content was getting lost within daily posts from corporate. To help distinguish Modine HVAC as it's own brand underneath the corporate umbrella, we created Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn profiles for the heating and cooling giant. This focus on their identity allowed us to create a more focused reach in our promotional efforts. We then implemented and maintained a social media content calendar to keep social users engaged and also to respond to requests and concerns that come through the social channel.

Email Newsletters

After building a foundation of content within the blog, it was time to start pushing to the Modine's owned list. We generated the list by sourcing existing opted-in customers and creating offline channels for users to sign up at events and tradeshows. We designed and developed a responsive email within Active Campaign to reach both mobile and desktop users.

Marketing Automation

As with many marketing teams, the collaborative team at Modine HVAC and Flipeleven wore a lot of hats. To help keep up with all these moving parts, we created several automatic triggers to help us with everyday tasks like list segmentation, drip campaigns, and email responses.

Analytics and Reporting

Each email campaign, social post, and interaction on the website is tracked and recorded. Monitoring at this level helps us make decisions on the article topics, the proper day and time to send an email, and even the placement of a button on a web page. We back up our marketing strategy with science. We start with a hypothesis and test if that hypothesis is correct. If not, we adjust and retest, each time getting closer to our goal.