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A Study in Adaptation

Full digital marketing by Flipeleven Creative

HVAC manufacturing required an update to their digital presence and connectedness with their niche community.

We tackled many solutions for Modine. We created a blog to generate interest and build relationships with their main demographic. We led marketing strategies including email campaigns and product pages that highlight features and benefits. We also leveraged our production capabilities to create videos and animations as well as photograph their product line.

Modine HVAC Blog

Our first step was to create a hub of interest that spoke directly to their customer base. After some research we discovered that engineers and suppliers would benefit from an informative and entertaining blog to see what new technology is offered and how to implement it.

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Video Services

We also decument the Modine facility and the interesting ways their technology is being used. Here we see university students testing energy saving prototypes at the Modine facility.

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Generate Unique Blog Content

In addition to designing and developing their blog, we create compelling content that speaks to their users in a playful way. This approach is one differentiator we have created in an industry that is often lacking creative approaches to technology.

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Our full service capabilities allow us to quickly meet digital needs that may arise. We photograph the most prominent equipment in Modine's product line.

Product Specific Targeting.

Using targeted email marketing and landing pages focused on converting interest to action by creating a marketing campaign focused on the benefits of one product. By making it easy to convert potential cost savings and efficiency we empowered engineers and suppliers to advocate for this technology.

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