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A Study in Going Above & Beyond

By Flipeleven Creative

1 Student.
43,000 Mentos.
Millions of Views.

Flipeleven saw an opportunity to create a conceptual theme that went above and beyond the ask, bringing this epic event to life.

The Challenge

Incoming freshman Sam was recruited as a Mentos brand ambassador.

On his first day, we surprised him with his real task: hand out 43,000 bottles of Mentos Gum in 6 days. If successful, DJ Khaled would give a free concert for all of UW to enjoy.

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“We needed a partner who could collaborate to make this one-of-a-kind story even bigger, & Flipeleven made it happen. Throwing gas on a fire is usually bad, but when Flipeleven does it, it works.”Alex Gaterud, Account Director, Fast Horse
“From the start Flip11 avoided the usual expectations. They took the big idea to a new level, and delivered critical creative thinking throughout the process. It's not just enough to say “What if...” - you need a production partner that answers the “How?” Expect anything but average from Flip11.”Dave Damman, Chief Creative Officer, Fast Horse

Meet Us

Flipeleven, a hybrid agency/production company, was tasked to share Sam's adventure with the world. Executive producer Kyle Buckley and executive creative director Mike Goldberg headed up a team of 12 to write, produce, direct, shoot, edit and upload 21 videos in 7 days capturing this epic event.

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ADWEEK Article

Marketing Innovation: "Putting the Free sample tactic in over-drive."


because we just can't help ourselves.

Bonus: Cheerleaders!

Wait for it.

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