Banner ads to save a streaming service for the world’s greatest films.

FilmStruck was a subscription based, on-demand streaming service from Turner Classic Movies. Once hosting the world’s greatest collections of films; including the iconic Criterion Collection. The service was capturing cinephiles by focusing on rare, classic, foreign, arthouse, and independent cinema.

So, in targeting an audience of “passionados” –  FilmStruck was attracting famous directors and actors, aspiring ones, and all cinema die-hards in between.

FilmStruck tasked Flipeleven to distill this passion by creating and animating concepts that captured the essence of the iconic films on their roster. In 15-seconds or less! Our team took on the challenge – delivering 48 total banners on both Sizmek and Conversant advertising platforms – each with their own unique technical specs.

Each concept was pushing the boundaries of a display ad format. We were packaging movie-theater sized content into a size that could be placed on a broad variety of sites without losing its power. Because of striking animation, carefully chosen edits and bold typography pulled from the movies themselves, they created an instant nostalgia and aesthetic of the featured films. Therefore creating a compelling experience, while cutting through cluttered, high-traffic sites such as Yahoo, Variety, Buzzfeed, CNN, VanityFair and more.

filmstruck logo

INDUSTRY: Entertainment


Writing, designing and pitching three creative concepts to FilmStruck – two were chosen for the campaign.

Animation and Programming

Animating banners using HTML5 and JavaScript. Additional programming was done to track the success of each ad.

Publication Delivery

Sharing assets and the overall theme for a promotional web banner campaign.


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Flip took on writing, designing and pitching three creative concepts to FilmStruck. Choosing two approaches, they were developed into fully animated banner campaigns. The banners serving as part of an ad campaign to save the cinephile-focused streaming service.

spinal tap rockstar
a room with a view


Every one of the films in The Criterion Collection has iconic moments that made them famous. So these concepts used the iris from a camera, resulting in an emphasis of the pinnacle moments in each movie.


With classic movies at our disposal, why not use the titles themselves to sell the brand? Bolstered by nostalgic lines from the film, this one’s here to make every cinephile smile.

Animation and Programming

Our tight ship of five team members were simultaneously delivering the cinematic banners, therefore hitting our two-week timeline. Each customized animation exported as HTML5 for delivery. So, for managing changes and versions efficiently, we set up the project in a GIT repository, executing code and creative updates.

filmstruck banners

Publication Delivery

By implementing tracking and click-thru codes for both Sizmek and Conversant platforms on the banners for in-depth analytics, our team developed 48 ads in total. Because of this, communication with multiple teams was essential. Then, getting final approval and optimize the banners to the right size and specification to be delivered to the publications.