Brand Refresh and WordPress Multisite for Milwaukee Risk Management Company

Flipeleven partnered with Genesis Group to rebrand and redesign their existing family of websites that target risk management at varying levels including, safety training, investigation, and corporate security, to name a few. The security and safety-based consulting group is the parent company for three subsidiaries, each with a specific focus in various forms of risk management. The first thing we wanted to do was to create the branding in a way that made it easy to distinguish each brand, yet still be able to understand that they all belonged to the same overarching company. Our creative approach was to research various marks and symbols that portray connotations of protection and security.

The chosen mark uses the two “G”s from Genesis Group to form an abstract outline of a Spartan helmet, which was chosen to evoke a feeling of strength, courage, and loyalty. We extended this mark into the underlying brands with simple color shifts and additions to the mark, not unlike the way FedEx extends their brand to its child companies.

The Importance of Brand Architecture for Your Sub Brands | Magneti

To represent this on the internet, we created a WordPress Multisite to mirror the architecture created in the branding process. Genesis Group’s main website would be the central domain, while the underlying companies would have their own subdomains.

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INDUSTRY: Risk Management
LOCATION: Milwaukee, WI