A Custom WordPress theme built on the Underscores starter package

Rhino Communication Rentals works with customers across the country that need reliable, quality two-way radios for a range of communications needs. We partnered with their design company, Sprig Studio, to develop a custom WordPress theme to round out the look, feel, and interactivity of the communication company’s online presence.

We took six design templates delivered by Sprig Studio and turned them into mobile-first interactive web pages within a custom WordPress theme. Rhino Rentals is custom developed on top of the very-lightweight underscores starter package. On the WordPress-side, we used the Advanced Custom Fields plugin to create modular page sections that can be moved easily within the WordPress page editor.

The final delivery included the custom theme in a GIT repository with preprocessing GULP and Webpack files. This ensures code ownership to the end client and is standard practice for Flipeleven. Hosting services were also provided in a Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP (LAMP) stack.

INDUSTRY: Communications
LOCATION: Maple Grove, MN

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