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Manufacturing a digital marketing platform

Bostik is one of the largest adhesive and sealant companies in the world. Employing in 50 countries across five continents, they reach customers in diverse markets with numerous products to match. Bostik adhesives are used in the manufacture and assembly of products in a wide range of sectors, including construction, automotive, aerospace, rail, packaging, tapes, labels, flexible lamination, and footwear.

The Challenge

Bostik Adhesives approached our team with the desire to expand their digital marketing efforts which needed to satisfy not only a massive business-to-business audience, but also appeal to consumers. Bostik didn’t just want to show bottles of adhesive, they wanted their consumers to understand the numerous applications of their products. They also had just undergone a complete rebrand of their logo, visuals, and marketing and needed digital content to pair with their new, bold look.

bostik logo

INDUSTRY: Manufacturing
LOCATION: Wisconsin


A blog was created to serve as the base of our inbound marketing efforts. The blog was populated with a mix of subject matter that was informative, entertaining, or both.

Social Media

Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn profiles were created and maintained to distinguish the HVAC division from the manufacturing umbrella.

Email Newsletters

A monthly newsletter template was designed and developed within the Active Campaign CRM to promote new content to subscribers.

Our Approach | Content Digital Marketing Platform, the Bostik Blog

Starting with a custom designed and developed WordPress blog using PHP, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, the Bostik Industrial blog was born aimed at b2b audience with easily navigable tile system and custom sliders. The blog was the base of a digital marketing platform built and designed by our team.

bostik campaign
bostik aerospace

Industry Microsites | Digital Gateways to Product Application

In addition to the blog, industry microsites were developed by our team to showcase how specific products are applied to specific industries. Bostik Aerospace, Rail, Truck/cab, Labelling, and Sealants were all designed with custom blowouts, sliders, and CSS by our team. Complex applications of product were broken into digestible, visual breakdowns of direct use for a more relatable representation.

SMP Performance | An Example of Direct Marketing Landing Page

To expand on the digital impact and presence of Bostik and build upon the success of the blog and microsites, our team created direct marketing landing pages, with an example of the SMP Performance page. This page was a recommendation our team made to Bostik as a Pay Per Click campaign with gated content. By identifying three different personas who could be potential buyers of Bostik adhesives, this page had targeted Pay Per Click ads served up for a direct experience.

The custom built spyder chart, layout, and functionality were incorporated on top of the base WordPress theme by our team.


Technologies Visualized | Custom Video Animation

To expand upon digital marketing efforts, Bostik wanted to demonstrate several technologies, including examples of M-Resin technology and auto interior adhesives, to pair with blog articles. Our team hired voiceover talent and wrote portions of the video with hand drawn and animated illustrations in several videos in addition to three dimensional models in others.

bostik price app

Bostik Pricelist App | A Detailed Visual Conceptual

Our team also was tasked with visually representing a Pricelist app for Bostik to meet their goals to better serve their audience. Although this project was not fully developed, it served as an in depth way to show potential products to pair with industry use and pricing values to match. It also took into account the updated website design and put user experience first.


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