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This is what happens when you ask us to put a PDF on your site.

A hard-hitting campaign that changed the way CTCP approaches data visualization.


The project

The California Tobacco Control Program handed Flipeleven spreadsheets with years of data they collected about targeted, under protected communities in California at risk for tobacco use.

Tasked with bringing these grim truths to light, our creative team took a powerful human approach, visually demonstrating the difference between how you see you, and how Big Tobacco sees you, backed up by data.

A team of brilliant developers paired with a world-class photographer? Pure magic.

The Recap

Take less than a minute to explore the challenges faced and solutions produced over a 3-day-long intensive photoshoot.

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The Nerdy Stuff

With imagery set, our tech team built the campaign's digital experience. Using custom animation, UX, and an admin, they created a high-end visual experience that could be easily updated with future content.

The microsite itself uses custom Javascript, JQuery selectors and Greensock's animation library built with CSS3 media queries to serve up rich desktop and mobile experiences. To provide equal weight for every community, imagery is served up at random when the page is loaded.

The Results

This project ultimately changed the way CTCP approaches data, initially a small project to display research data and allow a PDF to be downloaded, the hard-hitting campaign quickly drew interest from board members associated with the California Department of Public Health. This story is more than just showing some numbers. With Flipeleven's unique balance of tech and creative executed in lightining-fast timelines, we set a new standard for how the CA Department of Public Health tells the emotional story hidden in the data.

Shifting Perceptions

Initially a small project to display research in a meaningful manner, the hard hitting campaign quickly drew the interest of the board members associated with the California Department of Public Health. Pulling data and applying visuals in a way that personalizes the message was a trailblazing way for CDPH to humanize spreadsheets. Flipeleven’s unique approach to both technology and creative helped set a new standard for how the CDPH approaches research, statistics, and data visualization.

See for yourself

Story of inequity relies on a crisp, minimalistic design to allow the imagery and facts to hit home.

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Tobacco Free CA

The "Story of Inequity" site was created as a part of the larger project. We previously designed and developed that site, which houses articles, video content, interactive infograpics, as well as their campaign sites.

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