HTML5 banner animations animated for Season Two of Schitt’s Creek.

ViacomCBS network Pop TV distributes fun, comedic programming for “The Modern Grownup” and its Emmy award-winning comedy series, Schitt’s Creek, is a cult favorite in the genre.

The challenge Flipeleven took on was to create a banner ad campaign with the functionality of a microsite. As a result, viewers could easily access where and when to watch with just their zip code.

How did we do it? Our team of talented programmers took the exported HTML5 assets and programmed a mini- TV guide and video player into each banner. Then, banners were loaded to the Sizmek media delivery platform and voilà! Fun and functional banner ads that stand out on a crowded site? “You’re not the only one with an online presence.”

pop tv logo

INDUSTRY: Entertainment
LOCATION: Los Angeles, CA