A custom illustration animated by F11P for an internal meeting on team efficiency.

Expressing a roadblock or a new concept to your organization a can sometimes be a challenge without an easy-to-follow example. In this case, one of the largest retail store chains in the U.S. put us up to the challenge.

To help improve internal project efficiency, retail giant Kohl’s collaborated with Flipeleven to “illustrate” the effort in a fun way that still communicated the message they were going for.

Kohl’s provided a clever script and our team illustrated a storyboard. Once approved, Flipeleven turned the script into a full audio experience fleshed out with our pool of talented voice actors and lifelike foley and sound design. Then, we animated the storyboard to match the two-minute audio piece, giving it life. The final video was paired with a Kohl’s team presentation played at an internal meeting, providing clear but enjoyable edutainment. How’s that for efficiency?

kohls logo

LOCATION: Menomonee Falls, WI

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