Eight animated bank training videos to introduce online and mobile tools.

Say you’re Wisconsin’s largest bank and you are ready to roll out mobile and online banking tools – how do you guide your customers who use your products frequently, to learn and utilize your upgrades? Associated Bank put Flipeleven up to the task.

The concept uses animation and screen recordings with a friendly voiceover to walk the user through examples of experiences they can have by using the tools. This removes any questions about the process and allows the customer to discover new features easily. By the time they log into the tools themselves, they will already have a comfort and familiarity.

So, how did we create the Associated Bank mobile banking promotion? We incorporated three-dimensional space into the videos by pairing flat, two-dimensional screen recordings with isometric views of the screenshots mixed with animated text. The result is a high-energy, kinetic typography piece that introduced and demonstrated the financial institution’s new web management tools. Associated Bank mobile banking promotion


LOCATION: Wisconsin